Videoing some of Durban’s best events

Every event is unique but they all have one thing in common – you have to really connect with what’s going around you while videoing on the fly to capture those magic moments on film. As a Video Agency, we’re involved in pre-production (planning out the various scenes to be documented on digital film), actually videoing the function, and finally post-production (editing the multiple shots to create a coherent and captivating video). Part of the thrill of creating a great video production is finding a narrative thread that naturally connects the shots together to produce an attractive finished product. 
We’ve been working with the Durban ICC since 2014, capturing a variety of high energy events that pass through this impressive space. To showcase the best of what this first-class Durban location has to offer, we were asked to produce a corporate highlights reel edited down from hours of digital film we had collected from numerous events. Media Linc have a good relationship with the team from Durban ICC and it is a privilege to be able to document these events, interview delegates from around the globe and then produce a short digital video that showcases the spirit of these dynamic conferences. Over the years they’ve also used our footage in their own video productions. 
Some of the events Media Linc have been asked to film and produce a corporate video for are: The INDABA (one of the largest tourism marketing events on the African calendar); World Routes (a first for Africa, this event gathered together over 250 airlines representing 650 airports at the Durban ICC & Convention Centre to negotiate airline paths); World Forestry (we interviewed attendees and filmed Vox Pops); GovTech and the International Aids Conference in 2016 (the largest conference on any global health or development issue).

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