Editorial Photoshoot for Conteu Magazine

Client: Conteu Magazine
Location: Open Plan Studio, Design Factory, Durban
Camera Gear: Canon 5D MK3, Canon 70-200 F2.8, Canon 24-70 F2.8
Shooting for print is something special. Last year the team from Conteu, a magazine about igniting creativity, asked us to photograph a range of creative photographs for their first print edition. On this fun one day photoshoot we captured six artistic images made up of imaginative still life scenes and set-ups with models.
Before the editorial shoot we met to discuss how best to bring their ideas to life and looked over the visuals that inspired them. We encourage clients to be part of the creative process and it really helps when reference images are shared with us as we can more easily understand the specific look and feel they’re after.
As they were searching for clean and natural looking visuals, for the photoshoot we choose to use bounce boards to utilise the natural light that streamed through the studio’s windows. After the editorial shoot we selected the best quality images, edited the photographs and then delivered them to the client. The highlight of the shoot was definitely the photographs themselves –  due to the clear direction from the client we were able to capture the clean and creative photographs they were after.
“Working with friend and photographer, Matt Wilkes, was a great experience and I chose to work with him because I knew he had a certain level of expertise that I couldn’t achieve by myself. On such a high pressure day he was a cool, calm and collected and he happily obliged to try achieve the different editorial shots we required. The photographs were delivered to us timeously and we have used these images both in our print edition and in digital (on our website and in social media).”
Megan Rich, Editor of Conteu Magazine
Want to see what goes on behind the scenes at an editorial shoot? Have a look here. Captured by friend and fellow videographer, Andy Carrie.

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